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At CPMC we understand that every client, community and place are different, CPMC approaches each assignment with no preconceived design ideas and prototypes, each project is dealt as a fresh one with respect to its context and client requirements. We work towards revealing unseen opportunities with fresh ideas creating better environment. We believe in giving design solutions that are unique to its context and site. Our efforts are to shape and design the buildings and spaces in a way that enhances the character of neighborhoods and the vitality of the surroundings.

Not restricting ourselves to any particular segment of design opportunity has energized us with new challenges. Our approach of getting involved in various kinds of projects across disciplines helps in cross fertilization of ideas. Learnings from one situation, context, and type can be applied elsewhere, usually with surprisingly refreshing results. CPMC is a design and building centre where creativity, skill and knowledge are essentials and everybody is encouraged to bring an attitude to work. Our work center focuses on addressing the fundamentals through intense programming and offer solutions that balance wit and wisdom.


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