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Cold Plasma Technology (CPT)

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Cold Plasma Technology (CPT)

Cold Plasma Technology is the new age Active Air Purification Technology that purifies air as well as surfaces. CPT is a unique technology that offers triple benefits: it purifies the airsaves energy and improves the health of the users. Cold Plasma Technology is highly effective on 273 different chemical compounds substantially reducing various odours. It is also used in Air Scrubbers and Clean Room Equipments. Cold Plasma Technology is one of the finest technology for Clean Air delivery systems. Plasma, the fourth state of matter, is the substance that makes up the stars and is generated by lightning. When Plasma is generated at room temperature it is called Cold Plasma, unlike, the Hot Plasma which makes up the SUN. Plasma has several components – charged atoms and molecules, electrons and highly reactive oxygen species which are highly effective in Air Purification.



  • CPT is highly effective in reducing –
    1. Microbe population (Bacteria, Virus & Fungi)
    2. TVOCs & Gases (Formaldehyde, Hydrogen Sulphide, Ethylene, etc.)
    3. Particles (Dust, Dander, Pollen)
    4. Static Charge (E-smog- generated from Electronic and Electrical Systems)
    5. Odour (Cigarette, Malodour, Pets, Sewage, Rotten Food, etc.)
  • Saves Energy
  • Easy Installation
  • Provides various health benefits

These are specially designed models that can be easily integrated in all types of air conditioning units such as wall, cassette, floor, Fan Coil Unit, small air handling units, ERV and many other standard products. Technical Table

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