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Designed for interior and exteriors surfaces.

To make uneven surfaces to even and smooth surfaces.

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LATAPOXY® 270 EPOXY ADHESIVE is a versatile, high strength adhesive for installation of tiles or stone and many kinds of plastics and metals on different substrates. It is specially formulated for fixing stone veneers.

Latapoxy® 270 epoxy adhesive meets and exceeds the requirements of international standards.


  •  Ideal for stone veneers and resin agglomerate tile
  •  Very High Bond strength
  •  Shock & Impact resistant
  •  Versatile – For Interior and Exterior areas

Surface Preparation

All Surfaces should be free from all dirt, oil, grease, loose peeling paint, laitance concrete sealers or curing compounds. Rough or uneven concrete surfaces should be made smooth when substrate is frozen. Installation must be made on a dry surface.


Place LATAPOXY® 270, Part B into a clean dry pail.

Add LATAPOXY® 270, Part A completely into the pail having Part B. Mix it by hand or with a slow speed mixer to get a smooth consistency.

Add LATAPOXY® 270, Part C filler powder to the above and mix till the required consistency. Apply with the proper sized notches trowel, flat trowel or putty blade.


Apply adhesive to the substrate with the flat side of the trowel, pressing firmly to the surface

Comb on additional adhesive with the notched side.

Use the proper sized notched trowel to insure full bedding of the substrates. Spread as much adhesive as can be covered with substrates in 10 minutes.

Back butter veneer, FRP, plastics etc to provide full bedding and firm support. Bond substrates into wet, sticky adhesive and press with rubber roller to imbed tile/ stone veneer and adjust level.

Check adhesive for complete coverage by periodically removing a tile and inspecting bedding adhesive transfer onto back of tile.

If adhesive is skinned over (not sticky), remove and replace with fresh adhesive. 


For FRP based stone veneers: Use of LATAPOXY® 270, Part C filler Powder may not be necessary. Mix only Part A and Part B components till consistent colour is achieved.  Please follow the application procedure explained earlier to install the veneer with the proper size notch trowel.

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