Are You At Risk?

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Whoa..! Guys, don't get tensed you are not getting infected out there...

Many times and at many places we usually come across men stating that having a secured job, a settled life and a beautiful wife is what they always dreamt to have , few years past their graduation party!.

Sounds fascinating and familiar to you? i give a thumbs up too... but

The dream of working with the biggest companies, getting top positions or leading a powerful chair in government offices has somehow made the thought process of young minds overwhelmed with the word "RISK" in every out of league step they can ever Try!

So today, I have a Question for you:- ARE YOU AT RISK?

I indeed say, that apart from the last option (a beautiful wife) everything else you dream is not what is actually one should run after! You are not at RISK by thinking out of the box, but yes, you are at risk of loosing a life what you can actually live, without the so called secured Job and settled life.

The above statement describes it all!

Apart from the fact, that our psychological paradigm of entrepreneurship, which bumps up as hollow and no man's land at the start of career building. One should not give away the possibility of coming up with a venture from the roots of his mind.

The major problem that you face with the thought is, you feel you are naive, you actually fail to visualize what it will be like to develop an idea into reality, so like others, YOU also take the easier way out, of which you have a better picture and understanding.

Here I have developed a plan for you which could actually can bend the meaning of risk in the career shaping theories you have!

You all must be familiar with the famous saying by Julius caesar - I CAME, I SAW, I CONQUERED. That's exactly i am going to make you do!

So now, you already know the first thing you need to do is to 'COME' up with an idea which actually appeals to you, here we are not talking about traditional businesses, we are talking about something which will shape the future of mankind! Observe and empathize with your surroundings to understand the impact you can do..

People know what they want, there are lots of hidden demands we all have, so it's important that you should show them the way to achieve it &... Voila! you, in no-time can convert the demand into market.

Pen down the idea which, according to you is a need for the mankind.

I don't actually tell you to jump into action just as you are out with your idea. Remember, you're still naive. A venture is all about making 20,000 decisions in a room which will shape up your future company, and you are still to understand decision making at the young age. So, now you have to SEE, explore and research more about business building and moving into ventures, associate yourself with small startups where you have to wear many hats and observe the working of it. understand how market works, how people do business and how the economy runs.Youtube shark tank,videos of brilliant businesses , how they grew stories and read great blogs including mine!:o

They say business is all about RISK... i agree, but its not because of the money you are putting in, but because of the decisions you are taking, and you alone will be responsible for it!

Now when you are ready with your business plan, market strategy and startup pitch. You are ready to CONQUER.

Go ahead and start making your team to develop something which can change LIVES.Keep in mind what you have learnt in your extensive experiences,it's always better to learn from the mistakes what other's do and not stop exploring more about your strategies and if your idea and execution is is good, then angels will help you to actually make it big!

Now, You know what is RISK? Naaaah!, it's not the idea of the startup, indeed just the uncertainty you have about yourself..!

Veni, vidi, vici

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Mon, 25 Jul 2016

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