Arnab Ghosh

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  • India
  • PMP® I Designer I Entrepreneur

  • 4 years experience

About me
An Entrepreneur who loves Human Psychology and Market Research. Founder & CEO of Your Construction Guru Inc TM- RocketHomes. A venture to be one of the biggest platforms for construction experts, contractors and products! Apart from being a business strategist and PMP® certified construction manager. He has been Professional consultant for Project development, Planning, Earned Value Management, value engineering, Execution strategies and related fields for major construction giants and has his name associated with some of the iconic projects in India. Currently, venturing into a innovative Startup model having mass influencing potential for being THE FUTURE OF CONSTRUCTION. Vision is to make every one smile their ways through their home improvement dreams.
My Current Skills
Project PlanningProject managementContract ManagementTeam ManagementMicrosoft ProjectBusiness StrategyCivil EngineeringPrimavera P6Construction ManagementProject EstimationMarket ResearchInterior ArchitectureSchedule Analysis
My Projects

electrode erection planning and monitoring

Complete planning and monitoring of the electrical time based project of worth 23 crores with time milestones for cable laying, installations and feil...view more

Construction of CG Government VVIP Building, Dwarka, New Delhi

Complete on site and off site handling, monitoring and controlling of project with more than 85000 sft of built up area with a project budget over 35 ...view more

Company: Your Construction Guru Inc.
Location: New Delhi
Duration: 2 Years 3 months
Description: A startup venture to revolutionise the way you renovate & construct. Check out Rockethomes.in

Construction Consultant
Company: Global CPMC Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Location: New Delhi
Duration: 2 Years 9 months
Description: Home improvement, Design execution,Project control & management consultant

Project Incharge
Company: GBI, DELHI
Location: Delhi
Duration: 1 Years 11 months
Description: Planning and Execution of construction projects along with overall mangement of company's business portfolios and development plans.

Project Management In a "NutShell": All Aspects Uncovered.
Field: Project Management
Issuer: Amazon.com
Date: 28 Nov 2013
Description: Management is a technique which makes your life a smoother terrain. Be it your wedding or a holiday in mauritius or a typical industry-pragmatic project which won't spare you even in your nightmares, we always require teams to run around and manage so to give deliverable as required!. This book will work as a capsule for your Projects and will also help in your PMP preparation with simpler language and striking adherence to PMBOK for understanding of concepts and lifecycle of projects and phases, Pre-plan the uncertainties, master the art of management, analyse consequences of future execution, prepare cutting edge estimates which won't let you down, stick to timelines for every work while getting the maximum value for your money. Together, we will crack the nut of project management and indulge in the knowing of simple tricks and rules that will change forever the way you approach your daily outputs.

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